Sunday, August 12, 2012

What He Says

His smile got to me before his steps. But this morning his mother handed me a few slips of paper. "He was praying the other day, and God told him to tell you this." She read it aloud to me, her finger tracing under the capitalized letters with no punctuation. Tears came and were only chased away by smiles. I think God is rather sweet to tell me all this through His servant. As I read it again, I realized it is for everyone from God, but I added ellipses where it got personal.

"I am tending to your heart's garden.
"Daughter, you have passed many tests.
"Every time you pass, I move you to another phase of freedom.
"Remember that I am with you.
"You will never feel alone when you remember this.
"Give to Me your whole heart and I will add unto you its desires, as you seek Me with continued diligence.
"I have given to you many dreams and see every secret longing.
"Wear My Spirit as a comfort, and allow My fullness to become your passion to advance My kingdom to liberate captives...
"You were made to draw men to Myself.
"I am the Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.
"I have established My plans for you to thrive in life, and you will succeed whenever you put Me first.
"You are so very special to Me.
"I see you now, and smile at the eagerness you have to live your life.
"Rest in Me, Daughter, and work from rest so that it can become the joy set before you as you move with the effortlessness of My Spirit's wind...
"Fill up on Me, Beloved, when you lay at the feet of your Savior...and give Me the offering of your time and attention.
"I will shower you in the glory of My righteousness so that you will not slip on anything unholy...
"You cannot do anything to be more approved by your Father in Heaven.
"You have been justified and now carry My gift of righteousness.
"I am lifting from you every burden so that with the lightness of My yoke you can achieve.
"Draw near to Me, as I draw near to you and know that I can see you.
"You are not alone for I Am with you.
"Even as you admire...much more I admire your sweetness.
"Give to Me your faith in motion and I will become the shield around you, protecting you from the fears of life.
"You are surrounded now with wings of everlasting.
"Soar with Me, Precious, and rise up to be a beacon of light shining...
"You were not made to fully understand the depths of My love.
"Your heart is My garden, and we will plant together seed that produces life.
"I have collected your tears in My hand, knowing what purpose has been produced to cause you to become more like Me."

Isn't God just beyond amazing? I cherish His personal love to me...

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